Application of Trenbolone It is believed that, in terms of anabolic effects, Trenbolone is even 3 times stronger than testosterone. However, the difference between the two steroids is very important, since Trenbolone does not lead to water retention in the body, and therefore the muscle mass that can be obtained by using it is “cleaner” […]


Oxymetalon is a rather strong anabolic, most often used for a set of strength indicators and, of course, mass. Produced in oral form to 50 mg. One of the most potent steroids. The drug has the names anapolone and anadrol. Anabolic activity is 320%, of testosterone, and 30% – androgenic activity. Application Oksimetalon is released […]


The goal of Proviron is to reduce the excess estrogen in the anabolic androgenic steroids of the athlete’s body. This reduces the likelihood of an occurrence associated with elevated estrogen levels of side effects, or gynecomastia, acne and water retention. Thus, placealon helps build muscle mass better definition, free of excessive fat in the body, […]

Testosterone propionate

Application Testosterone propionate is a short type of testosterone, the anabolic and androgenic effects of which expire 30 hours after the injection. Therefore, in order to maintain a high level of active substance in the body, you must do daily injections. This inconvenient coercion leads to the fact that few bodybuilders decide to take testosterone […]


T4, is the main hormone of the thyroid gland. After the thyroxine enters the body, it turns into a very active form, called triiodothyronine. This medication is often used for weight loss. Since it has very strong fat burning properties. At present, the popularity of thyroxine has dropped significantly. All this is due to the […]


Tamoxifen is available in tablets that are taken orally. Taking this drug with anabolic steroids, you can significantly reduce the risk of growth of female hormones. Most often bodybuilders use this substance both for weight loss and for increasing muscle mass. As a consequence, the strength indicators are increasing. In addition, tamoxifen has an excellent […]


Application The production of Primobolan tablets is completely discontinued, so it is impossible to buy it in legitimate trade. Primobolan in the form of tablets is a moderate steroid, which slowly and without significant results helps to build muscle mass and strength. It does not cause the taste of androgens or increases the level of […]