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Tamoxifen is available in tablets that are taken orally. Taking this drug with anabolic steroids, you can significantly reduce the risk of growth of female hormones. Most often bodybuilders use this substance both for weight loss and for increasing muscle mass. As a consequence, the strength indicators are increasing. In addition, tamoxifen has an excellent […]

Omnadren 250

Polish steroid Omnadren 250 is a drug produced in the Polish company Jelfa, consisting of four different testosterone esters (Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isokaprinyan, Kaprinyan), which makes its work greatly expanded and can last up to a month. One injection lasts from 7 to 14 days, which is very convenient compared to many other steroids administered intramuscularly, […]


Application In medicine, nolvadex is used against breast cancer, as well as for bodybuilding, it helps to prevent the occurrence of side effects associated with an increased level of estrogen in the host athlete’s body of anabolic androgenic steroids. Tamoxifen copes well with counteracting gynecomastia – a dose of 10-20 mg per day, prescribed for […]


Application One way to use Masteron is to prevent changes in the bodybuilder’s body taking anabolic and androgenic steroids, can lead to an increase in the amount of estrogen or progesterone. Thus, Masteron is an effective means of preventing gynecomastia and water retention, and also allows activating the action of the main steroid and helps […]


HCG effect Because of the properties that improve the natural production of testosterone in the male body, HCG is also used in bodybuilding. As by blocking the natural process for the production of the hormone by the body, it becomes necessary to restore it to its normal state before the cycle by supplying excess testosterone […]


Letrozole, a fairly popular drug all over the world. One of the most effective aromatase inhibitors. Most often, bodybuilders use this substance in order to reduce the level of estrogen and in order to increase the level of testosterone as much as possible. Also, the drug can reduce the concentration of estrogen to 97%. In […]