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Ephedrine is of natural origin, as it is found in a plant called Ephedrine vulgaris, from which a Japanese named Nagayoshi Nagai extracted it at the end of the 19th century. Its original purpose was to combat asthma, but it was also used in natural medicine, in which it functions for several thousand years. Currently, […]

Deca Durabolin

High anabolicity, low androgenicity As for the chemical structure, Deca-Durabolin is similar to testosterone, but has much lower androgenic properties. Due to the fact that it only slightly aromatizes, it allows to achieve almost identical results in the form of testosterone with much less harmfulness. While taking testosterone, side effects such as hair growth on […]

Cypionate Testosterone

Versatility and efficiency Testosterone cypionate is a testosterone with a long action, the activity of which lasts 14 days in the body. One dose allows you to significantly increase the amount of testosterone in the body, which allows you to build a large muscle mass and strength in a short time. Its effectiveness is very […]


Chlordehydromethyl testerosterone or turinabol is a very strong anabolic, which is almost testosterone, but its form is altered. This steroid is a mixture of cloestibol and methandrostenolone. The substance is taken orally. Application For best effect, take up to 45 mg for eight weeks. The length of the course also depends on the individual characteristics. […]


  High quality of muscles It is true that the construction of muscle mass using Boldenon takes a long time, but it is regular and gradual. This steroid is recommended to bodybuilders whose purpose is to sculpt an aesthetic figure and develop full, stiff muscles without excess fat. With clean weight cycles, the more competitive […]


Oxandrolone well shows itself on a restorative diet, because it allows you to create a small, but still dry muscle mass. In addition, Anavar has the properties of fat burning in the body, which is another factor in its use during a diet. Therefore, it can also be taken into account when preparing for competitions […]


Primobolan or methenolone. The drug has a weak androgenic activity and moderate anabolic effect. Produced in oral form. The active substance in the preparation is methenolone acetate. But just as primobolan is released and in injections – Primobolan Depot. After the injection, the steroid is deposited and collected in fatty deposits. After that, gradually from […]