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Application The production of Primobolan tablets is completely discontinued, so it is impossible to buy it in legitimate trade. Primobolan in the form of tablets is a moderate steroid, which slowly and without significant results helps to build muscle mass and strength. It does not cause the taste of androgens or increases the level of […]


Act The muscle mass, which makes it possible to obtain NPP, is characterized by good quality – above all, it does not contain excess fat due to lack of water, which does not occur on the NPP. This steroid is characterized by relatively strong anabolic properties with a weak androgenic effect, which makes it ideal […]


Act The first effects of the cycle using Metanabol are visible after 2 weeks and the last within 5 weeks after completion of therapy. Combining Metanabol with other steroids can be a good solution. Although nothing prevents using it alone, a combination with other anabolics gives better results, especially in the long run. Because of […]

Growth hormone

Growth hormone is responsible for the intellectual and physical effectiveness of a person, and its natural production in the body ends with the achievement of 20 years and gradually decreases every year. The gradual decrease in the level of growth hormone is closely related to human aging and largely leads to what is usually called […]


Steroid for endurance EPO is used in medicine as a medicine in the fight against cancer, diseases of the circulatory system and kidney failure. The natural source of this substance is the kidney and liver, where it is produced. As a steroid, erythropoietin is administered intravenously by injection. The EPO owes its popularity mainly to […]

Testosterone enanthate

The main steroid for the mass The chemical composition, action and anabolic and androgenic properties of testosterone enanthate are very similar to testosterone thiosterone. Both substances are long testosterone with a half-life of 2 weeks. Enantan Testosterone is one of the most popular anabolic steroids available on the market. However, there are many counterfeit copies […]