Steroid for endurance

EPO is used in medicine as a medicine in the fight against cancer, diseases of the circulatory system and kidney failure. The natural source of this substance is the kidney and liver, where it is produced. As a steroid, erythropoietin is administered intravenously by injection.

The EPO owes its popularity mainly to racers, and first of all to Armstrong’s liners who admitted to taking erythropoietin, and for this reason he was awarded a lifetime disqualification, and he lost the master’s titles. Why erythropoietin? Because its adoption raises the level of red blood cells in the body, which directly affects the improvement of muscle performance and endurance. In addition, the EPO has a stimulating effect and adds energy, motivating more complex workouts and achieving better results.


For optimal results, we recommend that you regularly take doses of at least 1000 IU for 4-6 weeks. The increased effectiveness of the body after such treatment can last even six months, so many athletes specializing in endurance disciplines, so often choose the EPO.

Side effects

A serious side effect of taking erythropoietin can be hypertension, so under no circumstances should people have heart problems. In addition, you should be aware that by significantly increasing the number of red blood cells, taking EPO leads to a significant thickening, which leads to an increased risk of heart attack, clotting, or clogging.