Methadienone, refers to anabolic steroids belonging to the left-sided series. This drug has found its place in sports medicine. Due to the fact that methandienone enhances catabolic and anabolic processes, it helps to increase muscle mass. Has a structure of crystalline powder, white or white with a yellow tint of color. The drug form is pills. It is well soluble in chloroform and in ethyl alcohol, and in water and ether it is very bad.


Athletes, bodybuilders can achieve tremendous success by applying methane + deca. The effect of the drug itself is 3.2-4 hours, hence it should be taken at least two times a day, in order to have a sufficient amount of chemical concentration in the blood.
Methane has an amazing effect on every athlete, as the endogenous cortisone production is reduced, by about 50-70%, as a result of which the percentage of protein breakdown in the muscle cell slows down.
If you are a beginner, it is advisable not to cross the border at 30-40 mg per day, ie 6-9 tab per day. As for the methane intake for women, it should not be taken, because methane causes the phenomenon of masculinization.
Duration of the course, about 3-4 weeks, but you also need to consider the individual characteristics of your body. After you pass this course, it is worth pausing and undertaking liver rehabilitation.

Side effects

The development of atherosclerosis, peripheral edema appears, and with prolonged admission, causes hepatonecrosis and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. It is possible to lose a small loss of hair around the entire perimeter of the body due to hormonal imbalance, and because of a sharp increase in muscle mass, there may be problems with the heart.

A bunch of methandienone with other substances

In itself, methandienone is a very effective steroid in order to gain mass. But since the drug poorly stabilizes the androgen receptor, it should be combined. For example: with primrose, nandrolone, propionpot, testosterone enanthate (yields good results in recruiting both strength and mass), oxandrolone.
You can combine with other drugs and try to make a course of oral steroids.