In medicine, nolvadex is used against breast cancer, as well as for bodybuilding, it helps to prevent the occurrence of side effects associated with an increased level of estrogen in the host athlete’s body of anabolic androgenic steroids. Tamoxifen copes well with counteracting gynecomastia – a dose of 10-20 mg per day, prescribed for 2-4 weeks, is sufficient to prevent its occurrence. In turn, to cure the existing gynecomastia, you should take large doses – 20-60 mg per day.

Nolvadex works well as a means to maintain water retention in the body. Thanks to this you can avoid the effect of a “flooded” silhouette after the end of the steroid cycle. Bodybuilders also achieve this after the end of the cycle to restore the functioning of the hormonal economy to a normal state. While Nolvadex alone is sufficient for this purpose, it is often combined with Clomifen, which allows even better results in reproducing the natural production of testosterone. Nolvadex also has two other advantages: it increases the level of “good” HDL cholesterol and strengthens bones.

Side effects

The side effects of tamoxifen are relatively rare, but of course they do. Sometimes you may hear nausea, migraine, hot flashes or bad liver reactions. Another undesirable effect of Nolvadex is the decrease in the level of the growth hormone IGF-1, produced by the liver, which has a surprisingly nutritional effect on the functioning of the whole organism. In the case of women, the absence of menstruation may be a side effect.