Application One way to use Masteron is to prevent changes in the bodybuilder’s body taking anabolic and androgenic steroids, can lead to an increase in the amount of estrogen or progesterone. Thus, Masteron is an effective means of preventing gynecomastia and water retention, and also allows activating the action of the main steroid and helps […]

Growth hormone

Growth hormone is responsible for the intellectual and physical effectiveness of a person, and its natural production in the body ends with the achievement of 20 years and gradually decreases every year. The gradual decrease in the level of growth hormone is closely related to human aging and largely leads to what is usually called […]


Boldenone, by its chemical properties, presents itself as a molecule of testosterone. By its anabolic properties, it is absolutely in no way inferior and does not differ from testosterone, but androgenic activity is several times weaker. The drug shows itself well in a set of muscle mass. Muscular growth is very slow, but very qualitative. […]


HCG effect Because of the properties that improve the natural production of testosterone in the male body, HCG is also used in bodybuilding. As by blocking the natural process for the production of the hormone by the body, it becomes necessary to restore it to its normal state before the cycle by supplying excess testosterone […]


Steroid for endurance EPO is used in medicine as a medicine in the fight against cancer, diseases of the circulatory system and kidney failure. The natural source of this substance is the kidney and liver, where it is produced. As a steroid, erythropoietin is administered intravenously by injection. The EPO owes its popularity mainly to […]


Methadienone, refers to anabolic steroids belonging to the left-sided series. This drug has found its place in sports medicine. Due to the fact that methandienone enhances catabolic and anabolic processes, it helps to increase muscle mass. Has a structure of crystalline powder, white or white with a yellow tint of color. The drug form is […]


Letrozole, a fairly popular drug all over the world. One of the most effective aromatase inhibitors. Most often, bodybuilders use this substance in order to reduce the level of estrogen and in order to increase the level of testosterone as much as possible. Also, the drug can reduce the concentration of estrogen to 97%. In […]