Clomid like tamoxifen is an antiestrogen. The drug causes the body to release hormones. Unlike the same tamoxifen, clomid is a more modern preparation. A large number of bodybuilders after finishing courses of steroids, begin taking antiestrogens, in order to increase the level of testosterone. Clomid produces FSH and LH, in addition it combines with estrogen receptors. Suffices a few days of admission, so that the normal and habitual level of testosterone returned to you. But the duration of taking clomid, depends on the individual characteristics of your body. Someone will be enough for a couple of weeks, and someone a few months. All individually.


The clomid is in the form of tablets. Take it once a day. The dosage of the drug itself is as much as the steroid rate was. The more medications were taken and the longer the course took, the longer and more the amount of clomid would be needed to restore the body. Let’s look at some examples of how to take clomid, after a light, medium and heavy course. After an easy course, first it is necessary to take 15 days for 50 mg, then 15 more days for 25 mg and 15 days for 25 mg, but every 2 days. With an average course, we will take 30 days at 50 mg and another 15 days at 25 mg. And finally after a hard course: 15 days to 100 mg, then 15 to 50 mg and 15 weeks to 25 mg. As you can see, it all depends how hard the course was.

Side effects

The actions of clomid can adversely affect your vision and have a toxic effect on the liver, but at times less than from tamoxifen. There are also side effects in the form of: dizziness, insomnia, nausea and vomiting. Most of these effects appear after the end of clomid use. It is also very important to know that consumption in excess quantities can lead to a risk of blood clots and in order to avoid this, it is worth taking at least one liter of water per day.