If you like to squat, then this article is right for you. We will not discuss the correct technique of squats, but only consider the variations of this undoubtedly important exercise. There are a lot of ways to train the muscles of the legs, here are a few of them:
1) Squats in the Smith machine
This exercise is one of the safest, since the back is fixed in one position, and during the exercise it is not necessary to take care of keeping the balance. Suitable for those people who have problems with posture. Load on certain groups of leg muscles can be changed by moving the legs forward, or by placing them.
2) Squats with chains
Quite an unusual exercise, not particularly popular, because it requires the right technique, which is usually only experienced athletes.
3) Front squats
A feature of this exercise is that the bar is not in the usual position (on the back), but on the chest of the athlete. This exercise is often used by people who have problems with the lower back, because during this exercise the back is not rounded and keeps straight.
Increasing the results can be achieved by using the progression of the scale, that is, after a certain time it is required to perform exercises with larger pancakes on the rod. However, to achieve outstanding results, bodybuilders use Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate). Features of the drug is that it significantly increases muscle mass, as well as strengthens bones and ligaments. If during the squats you suffer from pain in the joints, then Deca-Durabolin will help you get rid of it. On this, the beneficial effects of nandrolone decanoate do not end, it improves the digestion of the amino acids and other necessary substances for strengthening the body and building muscles. Deca-durabolil is one of the best tools for improving strength indicators. If the correct course is followed, the side effects of the drug are minimal, or none at all.