The dream of almost every person is a beautiful and healthy body. To achieve this goal, people go to the gym, pool or fitness. But when is the best time for training?
Morning is the best time to burn fat. Before training in the morning it is recommended to take a portion of protein, since in the absence of nutrients, the body will begin to burn muscles, not fat.

Day – day training is not the best time to burn fat, because the body will firstly spend the energy received per day. However, this is the best time for training the heart muscle.

Evening – closer to the evening the body has time to exhaust its energy reserves, which means that at the same time it is also possible to effectively train for fat burning. After 16 hours in the human body, the testosterone content rises and cortisol is lowered, and this is great for carrying out strength training.

To increase the synthesis of protein, it is best to use Durabolin, in which the active ingredient is Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. Very often athletes are faced with the fact that when burning fat, burns and muscle mass. Durabolin reduces protein loss by cells, which makes fat burning more efficient. Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is suitable for people who want to get a beautiful body, because this particular drug helps to burn fat and increase muscle mass.