Growth hormone

Growth hormone is responsible for the intellectual and physical effectiveness of a person, and its natural production in the body ends with the achievement of 20 years and gradually decreases every year. The gradual decrease in the level of growth hormone is closely related to human aging and largely leads to what is usually called the worst state.

Hormonal function of growth

From the point of view of a bodybuilder, it is important that the growth hormone promotes the regeneration of the body, allowing even heavier and even more effective preparation to be obtained. Taking this substance also helps to lower the level of fat in the blood. HGH is best, however, as a means to build muscle.

The effects that can be achieved thanks to it, are considered in bodybuilding as not comparable with any other anabolic steroids. However, in order to optimally use this powerful doping agent, you need to know its work, structure and, above all, its impact on the athlete’s body.

In combination with other steroids

Taking growth hormone, you can achieve optimal results only when you help the body in the production of so-called. growth factor. This can be achieved by the simultaneous achievement of insulin, thyroid hormone T3 and testosterone. Only this combination gives you a chance to squeeze out the best from the growth hormone and achieve amazing results that you could only dream of with other anabolic and androgenic steroids.

During the first 2-3 weeks of the cycle, prepare to retain water in the body, but after this, the proper action of growth hormone begins. Then protein synthesis is strongly stimulated, so you should go on a diet rich in valuable proteins, which allows you to optimally use the action of growth hormone. It is recommended to consume even 4 g of protein (preferably animal) per kg of body.


Growth hormone not only increases muscle, but also has anti-catabolic action that blocks the breakdown of muscle cells. This fact, combined with the fact that growth hormone is an effective fat burner, makes its use in bodybuilding become very versatile. Namely, you can successfully achieve this both during the cycle, aimed at building muscle mass, and on reducing diet.

What is the result of this “surprise” of growth hormone and how is it different from other steroids in terms of construction and exploitation, which is clearly better from them? The main difference is that it causes the separation of muscle cells, and not just their growth, as happens when taking other steroids. Although they only lead to the growth of muscle cells, which does not allow you to overcome a certain limit, growth hormone can multiply these cells, increasing not only their size, but also the volume itself.

This unique property of growth hormone determines its universality, based on the fact that it gives an opportunity to achieve significant progress in building a muscular figure not only for beginners or intermediate bodybuilders, but also for professionals who are professionally involved in this sport. It can be said that growth hormone is a doping agent that allows you to exceed your own limits.


The dosage of growth hormone can vary from two to thirty-two international units per day. The selected doses should be divided into 2 and administered into the abdominal cavity 2 times a day – preferably in the morning and in the evening. Although it is impossible to say clearly which dose is the most optimal, you can say that the best results are long-term treatment, a long 6-12 months.

Side effects

Like any doping agent, growth hormone can cause unwanted side effects. Although they are not related to androgenic actions, which growth hormone is deprived, they are still felt. The most noticeable symptom is the enlarged bones, visible against the background of an unnaturally large jaw or head. Another possible side effect is diabetes caused by elevated blood sugar levels. This can be prevented by taking insulin. Nevertheless, it is impossible to fight with numbness of the fingers or even entire limbs due to the storage of water inside them.