HCG effect

Because of the properties that improve the natural production of testosterone in the male body, HCG is also used in bodybuilding. As by blocking the natural process for the production of the hormone by the body, it becomes necessary to restore it to its normal state before the cycle by supplying excess testosterone from “external” many androgenic anabolic steroids (eg, Decambered or Winstrol). Exercise of gonadotropin is extremely useful at this time.

Effects on the reproductive system

Thanks to HCG, the risk of developing testicular dysfunction due to the use of anabolic androgenic steroids is significantly reduced. However, the strong stimulating effect of HCG on testicular function in the body means that this substance should be used only in cases where the natural production of testosterone ceases. Otherwise, it can paradoxically cause that it should counteract, that is, problems with the male reproductive system.

Dosage and side effects

A single dose, which lasts 5 days, is from 2000 to 5000 IU. HCG treatment should last for a maximum of 4 weeks – after this time the probability of disorders in the reproductive glands is significantly increased. In addition, too long use or reaching too high doses of HCG can lead to gynecomastia, since its presence in the body also increases the level of estrogen. Another risk associated with an overdose of hCG is the preservation of water that this hormone can cause.