Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)

Anabolic steroid nandrolone was synthesized in 1950 and is 19-nortestosterone. All anabolic androgenic steroids in their structure are derivatives of testosterone, the male sex hormone. But anabolics, unlike him, give a much greater anabolic effect (build-up of muscle mass) and a smaller one – virilizing (coarsening of voice and male-type hair in women). Nandrolone decanoate is a classic anabolic. As many studies have shown, nandrolone has the longest effect on the cellular receptors responsible for anabolic processes. This determined the success of nandrolone. In the form of decanoate (decanoic acid ester), it was produced in Hungary under the name retabolil, in the West and the US – called deca-durabolil. One ampoule of retabolil contains 50 mg of the drug. After applying nandrolone, the effect lasts two weeks. In clinical practice, retabolil is used in the treatment of dystrophy, recovery from trauma, surgery, and heart attacks. In women, the hemoglobin level in the blood rises, the loss of calcium from bone tissue decreases.

Artists of ballet and circus, movie and theater stars – also from time to time conduct injection courses. Until now, opponents of the current concept of anti-doping struggle, conducted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), lead nandrolone and the spectrum of its positive impact on patients as an argument for the controlled use of this highly effective and relatively low-toxic drug. According to them, the course of the Nandrolon was simply slandered, and then banned, as a result of which athletes were forced to use other anabolics, or little-studied ones.

The main pharmacological properties of nandrolone

By its structure, the molecule of this steroid is almost identical to the molecule of testosterone. Except for one “small” detail – it does not have a methyl group 19. Hence, another, also very common, name of nandrolone is 19-nortestosterone.
Due to the elimination of one methyl group, the course of nandrolone has acquired the ability to better stabilize androgen receptors, i.е. the lifetime of the complex “Nandrolone + AP” is longer than the time of existence of a similar complex with the participation of testosterone, and not just more, but in 2-3 times. And you understand: more time androgen receptor is in the activated state – more protein can synthesize the cell.

Not everything, however, is so good. A significant part of the free nandrolone is converted to dihydronandrolone (DHN), which is already much (approximately the same 2-3 times) weaker than the actual nandrolone. DHA, among other things, suppresses the patency of the signal through nerve fibers, in practice this means weakening of the libido and a decrease in neuromuscular stimulation. However, the conversion of Nandrolone to DHA still has a positive side – Nandrolone shows a decreased activity in the prostate, skin and skin of the head. Simply put, the athletes taking this medication are much less likely to experience such side effects of testosterone as prostatic hypertrophy, acne, or hair loss.

The course of nandrolone is not affected by aromatase. Despite this, it nevertheless turns into estrogen, but in very small amounts: one-fifth smaller than testosterone. At the same time, it is known that nandrolone solo has a pronounced progestagenic activity, which can lead to gynecomastia, with dosages of the drug in excess of 600 mg per week.


Here is the case when genetic differences play a decisive role. For some athletes, nandrolone is simply an excellent drug, while others (except for the “long” esters of nandrolone) will not bring anything other than problems. These “others” are athletes with a high content of 5-β-reductase enzyme in the muscle fibers or with a hypersensitivity to progesterone. The first of the “other”, however, can try to replace the use of nandrolone decanoate with phenylpropionate. The second should be limited to weekly dosages of application of nandrolone, do not exceed 300-400 mg, or use together with nandrolone stanazolol. The rest of the nandrolone can give very impressive results in the recruitment of the mass. Just like testosterone, the use of nandrolone promotes activation of satellite cells and an increase in the level of IGF-1 in the blood, the consequence of which is muscle hyperplasia. True, dosages for this should be higher than in the case of testosterone – over 600 mg per week. Even at low dosages, nandrolone solo promotes the retention of water by the body not only worse, but in some cases and better than all the same testosterone. During the “drying” and preparation for the competition nandrolone decanoate is absolutely useless.

The use of nandrolone solo has a beneficial effect on the joints. This fact was previously attributed to the “accumulation of water in articular bags as a result of the use of nandrolone”, and, as a result, to facilitate the functioning of the joints. Actually this is not true. More precisely, this is far from all.

Strictly speaking, no additional water in articular bags under the influence of nandrolone accumulates. Nandrolone solo, which is a fairly strong progestin (20% of the progesterone power) and has the ability, though fairly weakly expressed, to convert to estradiol, delays water in the body. Of the joint bags, water simply does not go away, as is the case when using drugs that have anti-estrogenic (drostanolone) or anti-progestogen (stanozolol) activity. “Cycle”, which uses, for example only trenbolone, stanozolol and drostanolone, has every chance against a background of hard training to strike a fairly strong blow to your joints. In addition, it should be noted that both progestins and estrogens (when exceeding a certain concentration in the blood plasma) have anti-inflammatory properties. And since nandrolone, as already mentioned, has progestagenic activity, and is also capable of being converted to estradiol, it should have a beneficial effect on the joints. And the steroid cope with this task better than its “fellow”, like testosterone, methandrostenolone or oxymetholone, which is inherent in one thing – either progestagenic activity or a tendency to aromatize.

As for the growth of muscle strength, here again, nandrolone is a good helper. At a dosage of 400 mg per week, almost all athletes notice a significant improvement in strength. However, one should not forget that nandrolone suppresses production of endogenous testosterone exceptionally, which means that the conductivity of nerve fibers decreases during its application, and this in turn can cause such an unpleasant phenomenon as a violation of erectile function (popularly called ” Dick”). This side effect of nandrolone can be minimized if, together with it, any strong androgen, at least the same testosterone, is used.

Side effects

Although the side effects of Deca are relatively small, at the dosages of over 400 mg per week there can be androgen-induced effects, which is manifested in increased blood pressure, in the slowdown of the blood clotting process, which can lead to frequent nasal bleeding and bleeding long healing wounds, and also increased activity of the sebaceous glands and sometimes to progressive acne. Some athletes talk about frequent headaches. When taking very high doses for a longer time, men may experience delays in spermatogenesis, i.e. the testes will produce less testosterone. This is the reason that Deca-Durabolin, like almost all steroids, causes a delay in the release of gonadotropins from the hypophysis.
As mentioned above, nandrolone has a high progestogenic activity, which often leads to “deca dick” and gynecomastia.


Effective dosages of nandrolone start with 200 mg per week and … go almost to “infinity”. Known cases of nandrolone decanoate use by athletes of professional level in dosages of about 800 mg per day! It must be said, however, that recently professional athletes are reluctant to use nandrolone, considering this drug, so to speak, “yesterday’s day.” It is not necessary, however, to clog your head with such doses – most of you professional level is unlikely when achieved – the upper limit of nandrolone consumption is set at 1 gram per week.

Proceeding from a sufficiently long half-life of nandrolone decanoate, it can be recommended to inject it once every 7-8 days, although personally I am a supporter of more frequent injections of even long-lived drugs – this can provide a more stable level of the hormone in the blood.

The combination with other drugs

Nandrolone is rarely used alone – being the only steroid in the cycle is, however, the lot of testosterone, and even the trenbolone. “Classic” is a combination of nandrolone with methandrostenolone – indeed, these two steroid are synergistic. But its effectiveness is superior to the combination of nandrolone with testosterone (usually use one “part” of nandrolone for two “parts” of testosterone, that is, testosterone should be taken twice as much). This combination has a special meaning for the reasons that were set out above. The combination of all three of these drugs is almost the best for mass gain.

In no case can not use nandrolone with other progestins (trenbolone, anapolone), the negative effect of such a ligament can for a long time make you forget about receiving the AU.
Absolutely meaningless is the combination of nandrolons with boldenom and primobolanom, although such compotes are sometimes found in the arsenal of some athletes.

The use of women

I must say that nandrolone in the 50-60 years of the last century was widely used to treat women in traditional medicine. Until the early 90s of the same century, it was actively used by women in sports practice. The positions of the nandrolone were shaken by the experiments of Gusens and Heinonen. In the first case, women took nandrolone decanoate in a dosage of 50 mg every 3-4 days and 50% of them experienced the phenomenon of virilization. In the second case, virilization phenomena were found in all subjects, but nothing was said about the dosages. However, the dosage of 100 mg per week (50 mg every 3-4 days) for women can indeed be considered clearly overestimated. In an experiment conducted in 1996, the dose of nandrolone, again of decanoate, was extremely low-30 mg once every two weeks. No one has experienced the phenomena of virilization. These dosages should be considered extremes, and those who certainly want to experiment with nandrolone, you can advise “balancing” between them, choosing to start a dose of 50 mg every ten days, and gradually increasing it to 75-100 mg once a ten days. Naturally, with the appearance of the first signs of virilization, the drug should be stopped immediately.

Briefly about the main:

1. The Deca is a good mass collector and an excellent means of increasing strength.
2. Nandrolone decanoate is a “long” drug, its use is justified only on long courses, i.e. the minimum course duration is 6 weeks.
3. The use of nandrolone has a beneficial effect on the joints.
4. Nandrolone is low-toxic for the liver.
5. Nandrolone is not suitable for use by athletes who will undergo a doping test in the coming year.
6. Taking nandrolone athletes are much less susceptible to such side effects of testosterone as prostatic hypertrophy, acne and hair loss.
7. Nandrolone has pronounced progestagenic activity, which can lead, at dosages of the drug over 400 mg per week, to gynecomastia and weakening of libido. With these pobochki you can fight with Proviron, Bromocriptine and Dostinex.
8. It is best to combine the combination with methane, turinabol and dough. It is also possible “compote” with Winstrol, Oxandrolone and other “soft” drugs.
9. Nandrolone can not be taken together with other progestins (trenbolone, anadrol).