Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP)

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is produced by several pharmaceutical companies. The main active ingredient is nandrolone phenylpropionate, which has an androgenic and anabolic effect. Its etheric chain is half the length of the decanoate, so frequent injections are necessary. This can cause some inconvenience for beginners. Experienced athletes often use this steroid. It is especially appreciated in the direction of bodybuilding, because the drug gives a good growth of muscle mass and contributes to the improvement of various processes in the body. After entering the blood, the substance remains active for 2-3 days. It has a good anabolic effect, which increases the synthesis of proteins and increases the accumulation of protein in muscle tissues

On doping control, it can be detected within 16-18 months, which is long enough. On the eve of the competition, nandrolone propionate is not used, but only in the period between long preparations. With all the recommendations, it does not cause negative manifestations and provides such effects:

  • Significant increase in muscle mass;
  • Reduction of cell protein loss;
  • Increase in the amount of protein;
  • Increase of the process of absorption of amino acids;
  • Ensuring a positive nitrogen balance;
  • Calcium retention in the body;
  • Improvement of collagen production;
  • Strengthening the bone system;
  • Reduction of painful sensations in the joints and ligaments.


Very often, such a course is advised to athletes with musculoskeletal problems. The duration of the course is about 4-8 weeks. Before you buy Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, you need to consult a specialist, carry out a thorough medical examination and make sure that there are no contraindications. Injections are done at least 2 times a week. Dosage is calculated on the basis of individual indicators. The optimal dosage for a beginner is 200 mg, experienced athletes use 400 mg.

Nandrolone propionate is used both solo and in combination with other anabolics. The most common combinations with testosterone propionate, turinabol, vinstrol, methandrostenol or masteron. After the end of the course, testosterone booster is needed to restore the production of natural testosterone.


Pharmacodynamic properties

Synthetic derivative of testosterone with a weakened androgenic, but enhanced anabolic effect.

Anabolic effect is manifested by activation of reparative processes in epithelium (integumentary and glandular), bone and muscle tissues as a result of stimulation of protein synthesis and structural components of cells. Increases the completeness of absorption of amino acids from the small intestine (against the background of a diet rich in proteins), creating a positive nitrogen balance. Stimulates the production of erythropoietin and activates anabolic processes in the bone marrow, which, with the simultaneous appointment of iron preparations, manifests an anti-anemic effect. Oppresses the synthesis of gonadotropins and endogenous testosterone. In high doses, spermatogenesis is depressing. May delay the growth and sexual development of children.

Violates the synthesis of vitamin K-dependent plasma clotting factors (II, VII, IX, X) in the liver, changes the lipid profile of the plasma (increases the concentration of LDL and reduces the content of HDL), enhances the reabsorption of sodium and water in the kidneys, contributing to the formation of peripheral edema. These effects disappear after discontinuation.

Pharmacokinetic properties.

After the / m introduction, 100 mg of C max is generated after 1-3 weeks. Undergoes biotransformation in the liver with the formation of 17-ketosteroids. It is excreted mostly with urine (over 90%) and about 6% with feces.


Treatment of anemia in renal failure (increases hemoglobin and cell mass), diabetic retinopathy, myodystrophy, Verdig-Hoffmann spinal amyotrophy, breast cancer (adjuvant), glomerulonephritis, extensive burns, osteoporosis.


In / m, deep with anemia (concomitantly with iron preparations) – 100-200 mg (women – 50-100 mg) once a week; for stimulation of anabolic processes – 50-200 mg (for women – 50-100 mg) 1 time in 1-4 weeks; children 2-13 years old – 0.4 mg / kg once every 3-4 weeks. The duration of the course (at the 1-4-week interval between injections) is up to 12 weeks, the second course is 8 weeks after the last injection of the drug. Treatment is carried out against a protein-rich diet.


Women – symptoms of virilization, oppression of ovarian function, menstrual cycle disorders, hypercalcemia.

In men: in the prepubertal period – symptoms of virilization, idiopathic hyperpigmentation of the skin, slowing or stopping growth (calcification of epiphyseal growth zones of tubular bones); in the post-pubertal period – irritation of the bladder, gynecomastia, priapism; in the elderly – hypertrophy and / or carcinoma of the prostate.

In men and women, progression of atherosclerosis, peripheral edema, dyspeptic disorders, impaired liver function with jaundice, changes in the leukocyte formula, pain in long tubular bones, hypocoagulation with a tendency to bleeding.


Hypersensitivity to the drug, prostate cancer, breast cancer in men, breast carcinoma in women with hypercalcemia, ischemic heart disease, severe atherosclerosis, nephrotic syndrome, acute and chronic liver diseases, incl. alcoholic lesions, nephritis, pregnancy, breast-feeding.


Cases of overdose are not registered.


When the first signs of virilization appear in women (coarsening of the voice, hirsutism, acne, clitorogram), the device should be discontinued to prevent irreversibility of the changes. Suppression of factors II, VII, IX and X of blood coagulation and an increase in prothrombin time may occur. Periodically check the level of lipidemia and cholesterolemia. Children should be prescribed by an expert in order to prevent premature ossification of the epiphyses of bones.


Glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, corticotropin, sodium-containing drugs and foods rich in sodium, potentiate fluid retention in the body, increase the risk of edema development, increase the severity of acne eruptions. Strengthens the effects of antiaggregants, indirect anticoagulants, insulin and oral antidiabetics weaken – STG and its derivatives.


Reviews about the steroid are very good. Athletes note a significant increase in weight and overall strengthening of the body. Training becomes easier, because pain in the joints and ligaments is eliminated. As for the minuses, not everyone is happy with the frequency of injections, but they are completely justified. Many athletes are advised to combine the course with other steroids. According to them, it is possible to achieve a good synergistic effect and reduce the likelihood of negative manifestations.

 If all the recommendations are followed, such a phenomenon as a side effect is rare. Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is practically unaffected by aromatization. All the negative consequences are knitted with an increase in the level of prolactin. Blood pressure may increase, the amount of fluid in the body will increase, and gynecomastia will also manifest. To avoid this, you can use bromocripine or cabergoline, and also observe dosages.