The muscle mass, which makes it possible to obtain NPP, is characterized by good quality – above all, it does not contain excess fat due to lack of water, which does not occur on the NPP. This steroid is characterized by relatively strong anabolic properties with a weak androgenic effect, which makes it ideal for beginning bodybuilders and women. Its effect is not as intense as other steroids with a long half-life. Another use is to combine it with other, more potent doping agents, such as Trenbolone, Proposterone Propionate, Metanabol or Stanozolol.


A single dose is 50-150 mg daily or every two days (depending on the severity) in men and 50 mg per day in women. The optimal period for taking NPP is 6 weeks, although nothing will happen if it is increased to 8 or reduced to 4 weeks. However, it should be borne in mind that NPP limits the natural production of testosterone, so after the end of the cycle, Nolvadex or Clomid should be used in combination with HCG to restore normal hormonal function.

The disadvantage of NPP is the need for frequent injection – in practice it is not uncommon that injections occur every day. Because the whole cycle can last up to a year. Another weakness of the NPP is its low availability – a high price combined with low concentration makes the use of this agent in bodybuilding unprofitable and often meaningless.

Side effects

In turn, the advantage of NPP, which is especially important from the point of view of beginner bodybuilders, is the low probability of side effects. Since this steroid is characterized by weak androgenicity, there are practically no undesirable effects that appear in other anabolics – baldness, gynecomastia, increased hair on the body, acne or oily skin. Rarely, however, you can come across high blood pressure.