Oxandrolone well shows itself on a restorative diet, because it allows you to create a small, but still dry muscle mass. In addition, Anavar has the properties of fat burning in the body, which is another factor in its use during a diet. Therefore, it can also be taken into account when preparing for competitions as a means of improving the aesthetics of muscle mass.

Benign Steroid

Because of the weak androgenic and anabolic effects, women and beginners are recommended. Anavar does not cause weight gain, and muscle growth is relatively small. However, with a cycle of weight development Oxandrolone is useless.

Strong power and figure

Anavar improves muscle strength, and the effects are especially well felt when eating red meat dishes during a cycle or creatine monohydrate. The advantage of Anwar is that the increase in strength is relatively strong and can be felt for a long time. In turn, disadvantages include, above all, a high price, which not everyone can afford. Since the effect of this steroid is weak, many bodybuilders unite it with other anabolics, mainly to develop a better figure

Low damage

Unlike many other anabolic steroids, Anavar almost never regulates hormonal balance in the body and does not interfere with the natural process of producing testosterone. Taking small doses of 15-30 mg per day, changes in the hormonal economy are imperceptible and appear only with large portions of the steroid.

Oxandrolone contains 17alfa substances, so it is toxic to the liver. Therefore, it is worth following her condition. In addition, because of its mild action, Anavar is characterized by a relatively rare occurrence of side effects and is almost invisible to the body.


Dosage Oxandrolone is 15-30 mg per day for beginners and 30-50 mg per day for more advanced bodybuilders with developed muscle mass. For 2-3 days the tablets should be taken within 10 hours. However, it should be remembered that in the case of experienced athletes, the effects of the steroid cycle consisting only of Anavar will be weak or almost invisible in general. Only in combination with other anabolics, the desired results can be obtained, mainly, to improve the quality of muscles and increase muscle strength.

In professional bodybuilding, the significance of this steroid is insignificant.