Oxymetalon is a rather strong anabolic, most often used for a set of strength indicators and, of course, mass. Produced in oral form to 50 mg. One of the most potent steroids. The drug has the names anapolone and anadrol.
Anabolic activity is 320%, of testosterone, and 30% – androgenic activity.


Oksimetalon is released in the oral form, tablets with a dosage of 50 mg. For the best result, a day should take 50 – 200 mg divided by 2, a maximum of 3 doses. Women, however, should not cross the threshold of 50 mg per day.
Before you decide to start taking an anapolon course, it’s worth asking unconditionally to see a doctor.
The course of the anapolon itself, can be assigned exclusively to individuals who are older than 21, for intensive mass gain. Course 4-6 weeks.
Increase the dosage of the drug, it is worth doing only when there are concerns about its tolerability, and as a standard dosage, it will be enough from the beginning to the end.
And throughout the course it is worth to follow the diet for mass gain and a complex of sports nutrition.

Side effects

Because of the large progestogenic activity, after applying oximetalone, there may be fluid retention. This is the main side effect that can be encountered. And from this problem follow and follow, namely: irritability, increased pressure, decreased appetite and nausea.
Also, the drug is toxic to the liver.

Combination of oxymethalone

If you want to gain muscle mass, then anapolone can be combined with testosterone, primobalan, but in no case with nandrolone and trenbolone (they can lead to large progestin effects).
In order to increase strength, you can combine with various testosterone esters.