Primobolan Depot

Primobolan Depot contains the same active substance as Primobolan tablets, or Metenolone, but in the form of an entantate, but because of the price it is simply more profitable. The injection of this steroid results in the need for smaller doses and, consequently, also the lower financial costs to achieve the same results. Carefully calculating the costs, it turns out that the Primobolan depot is even 2 times cheaper than the Primobolan tablets.


The use of Primobolan injection also has a practical advantage, simply allowing you to create a large (but small compared with other steroids) muscle mass. Namely, with a good diet and adequate supplementation for 4 months, you can increase the weight by 5-10 kg, which in the case of beginners is quite a full increase. Also, there are no problems with maintaining it after stopping doping. All this makes bodybuilders definitely decide to buy injections, rather than the oral form of Primobolan.


People who do not have experience with steroids who plan their first cycle are sufficient to have a weekly dose of 200-300 mg. The advantage of such small amounts is the practical absence of risk of side effects. More advanced bodybuilders can easily increase doses up to 400-800 mg per week. Primobolan depot is accepted within 12-24 weeks. Among beginning bodybuilders, it is customary to combine the Primobolan depot with Winstrol, which is administered in the form of 150 mg per week for 8 weeks, which significantly improves the quantity and quality of muscle mass. Women need a weekly dose of 100-200 mg.

In turn, more advanced bodybuilders use various other combinations of Primobolan Depot, combining its large doses, for example, with testosterone, methanabol or trenbolone. However, since Primobolan Depot is not very popular among professional male bodybuilders because of the high price and not very strong actions, the women very much praised it. This is due to the fact that they do not experience side effects associated with sexual dysfunction, and can create a mass of good quality in accordance with their conditions.

Side effects

Side effects are only felt in higher doses – sometimes symptoms such as baldness, increased body hair, acne or oily skin may occur. However, it should be emphasized that Primobolan Depot is widely recognized as one of the benign anabolic-androgenic steroids that are best absorbed by the body, and the risk associated with the occurrence of undesirable side effects is very small. To counteract them, when taking high doses it is worth using Clomifen or Tamoxifen.