Stanozolol or Winstrol, anabolic steroid in tablets, as well as in solutions for injection. Injectable stanozolol is an aqueous suspension. The active substance passes through the liver, but does not collapse, indicating that the tablets have high bioavailability and resistance. Same thing with the injection form.


Winstrol is used by many athletes and bodybuilders, because it is well suited for the drying period, increasing stamina and strength and at the same time has a good fat burning effect. For the best effect and in order to avoid trouble, stanozolol should be taken in conjunction with other steroids. But the total allotment volume of AAS should not exceed 500 mg.
Another rule for the best effect, is sports nutrition for relief. The average dose of the drug is 30-45 mg in tablets or injections every day. The course lasts approximately 4-6 weeks, and after it ends several days it is necessary to conduct the PCT.

Side effects

The use of injections of Winstrol is quite painful.
Causes androgenic effects like swelling and gynecomastia. But due to the fact that this drug dries up the body, you can face such problems as: damage to ligaments, pain in the joints, which in the future can cause inflammation and tears.
Blood pressure rise.
Hypertrophy of the myocardium, because of large doses.

Stanozolol to increase strength

Winstrol can very often include in the course, where the main task is to increase physical characteristics without increasing the mass. The combination of stavel and oxandrolon is the best way to increase strength and stay in the category that was before.