Tamoxifen is available in tablets that are taken orally. Taking this drug with anabolic steroids, you can significantly reduce the risk of growth of female hormones. Most often bodybuilders use this substance both for weight loss and for increasing muscle mass. As a consequence, the strength indicators are increasing. In addition, tamoxifen has an excellent anti-estrogenic effect, ie it is a sexual hormone. Unlike other drugs that have similar effects, tamoxifen is neither an androgenic nor anabiotic.


Tamoxifen is used at the end of the steroid course, preferably combined with aromatase inhibitors, to examples with proviron. Proviron is great, since it does not inhibit the production of growth hormone and suppresses aromatization, which is followed by an increase in the concentration of anabolic hormones in the blood. The dosage of tamoxifen is approximately 10-20 mg per day, starting from the last week of the course. It is very rare, you can increase the dose to 30-40mg, more of these indicators should not be taken to avoid side effects. In no case should tamoxifen be taken after a course in which there was trenbolone or nandrolone.

Side effects

If you suddenly start to increase dosage rates yourself, this will lead to not very good consequences. In men: fever, dizziness, nausea. In women: hair loss and baldness in the future, a strong fever, pain in the bones. And because of fluid retention, stable and normal functioning of the kidneys can be disturbed. If you take a lot of the drug, then fatigue increases, constipation and anorexia may occur. Eyes can be inflamed, in the most dangerous case, a loss of vision is seen, either partially or completely.