T4, is the main hormone of the thyroid gland. After the thyroxine enters the body, it turns into a very active form, called triiodothyronine. This medication is often used for weight loss. Since it has very strong fat burning properties. At present, the popularity of thyroxine has dropped significantly. All this is due to the fact that this drug negatively reacts to the heart. The heart beats more often and causes a feeling of anxiety, afterwards all this, the heart and the body itself, endures all this very badly. But like any side effects, they can be circumvented. To do this, we must combine T4 with beta-blockers.


As with any other substance, it is not necessary to go beyond the norm, this can lead to side effects. And so the thyroxine should be taken “hill” 25-100 mcg, more than 200 mcg can not go out. This will lead to the consequences that will come to you later. Now we will disassemble the scheme or plan of reception of a thyroxine.
1 day – 25 mcg
2 day – 50 mcg
3 day – 75 mcg
4 day – 100 mcg
5 day – 125 mcg
Day 6 – 150 mcg
After the end of the course, or rather the way out of it looks the same, only in reverse order.
When losing weight, you should take 25 mcg twice a day, and then increase to 250 mcg three times a day. If suddenly, you notice the appearance of side effects, reduce the dose.

Side effects

As described above, the main problem of thyroxine is the load on the heart. But besides this, there are other side effects, such as: tachycardia, insomnia, muscle tremor, a feeling of heat, a decrease in thyroid function. To avoid all these effects, do not immediately use large doses and go beyond the norms.